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4E4th-IDE - the Integrated Development Environment for your MSP430 LaunchPad ... Troubleshooting

We did a lot of troubleshooting to get the 4E4th-IDE bug free. Only a few documented bugs are still there.
Our test experience was that sometimes the program stopped - this is mostly called "freezing".

Normally it is sufficient to click the STOP/START button two times to get it running again.
If this doesn't help click on Terminal/Exit or on the red X top right to close the 4E4th-IDE.
No data should get lost - only the last typed line may get lost if the enter key wasn't used after typing,
and when starting again everything should be in place again.

Of course there may be problems with the LaunchPad, if a program on the LaunchPad freezes.
In this case pressing the RESET button will put the LaunchPad back to life.

If this doesn't help, click on STOP on the 4E4th-IDE, disconnect the LaunchPad, wait a few seconds so Windows will recognize the removal of the USB device, and reconnect. If the program is lost, it can be reprogrammed by downloading the session file.
Instructions for this will be provided soon.

In case removing and reconnecting of the LaunchPad and closing and restarting of the 4E4th-IDE does not help, the LaunchPad should be flashed again. That's what the built in programmer is good for. No hassle, easy to re-flash.
And the lost program can be reprogrammed by downloading the session file.