4E4th - Forth For Education

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The 4E4th-IDE for Windows is aimed at education. Forth is the programming language which stripped off all unnecessary attachment and distraction leaving pure logic to work with. Our 4E4th Terminal-IDE replicates that tradition, making real programming fun and easy.
My presentation "Forth for Education - 4E4th and 4E4th IDE" at the EuroForth conference September 2012 in Oxford, GB, gives an overview about the start of this project.

The goal was to make programming as easy as possible for newbees. Forth should be the first language in programming education, because Forth is easy to comprehend and easy and fast to learn.

Starting with Forth has one huge advantage: people who like to become programmers, find out very fast, if they are able to do so, with a minimum of effort. In case they recognize that programming is not their real talent, they can switch to something else, having not wasted time. But the reality is - up to now - that they have to start with C, needing much more time to learn until they are able to do their first project. Having invested all this time, they will stay with this kind of programming. No wonder that there are a lot of programmers out there having a hard life doing their job. A second effect is: these programmers will never look for another programming language, because they cannot imagine that there are easier ways to do their job. With this base of knowledge other programming languages may be offered to study, and then a comparison makes sense.

Salisbury, May 4, 2013

Dirk Bruehl