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4E4th-IDE - the Integrated Development Environment for your MSP430 LaunchPad ... Bugs

Even the best programs nowadays have bugs. I was used to write accurate programs, preparing with flow-charts, checking each decision branch with all necessary values, using structured programming. This discipline was necessary because in the beginning of my microprocessor experience I didn't have a comfortable IDE which gave me the chance for corrections at any time. I had to do it right in the first place, otherwise I would have gotten in real trouble when at finishing of the program suddenly a problem in the lowest layer would have occurred.

The 4E4th-IDE has been programmed under time pressure to be ready for presentation at the EuroForth conference September 2012 in Oxford, GB, and so part of the debugging had to be done after the presentation. Now the 4E4th-IDE is thoroughly tested, only a few bugs are known, but may be there will be reported more. We are eager to remove a bug asap.

Here the known bugs today:

There was a discussion if projects are needed. For now the recommendation is not to start a new project, it may block a new start of the 4E4th-IDE. In this case removing of the project from the 4E4th-Terminal.ini file will help, simply by copying 4E4th-Terminal.ini.txt
to 4E4th-Terminal.ini. Data won't get lost.

When clicking on Exit or on the red X to close the IDE, no Autosave takes place. This has to be corrected!

Cursor is missing in terminal window - question is, if it is really needed.

That was it!
We are working hard on removing the bugs.